Security is Everyone's Job


In this world, technology dominates the landscape, encapsulating the very fabric of humanity.

Virtually every machine on this planet has the capability of interconnectivity through the broadband universe.

Sharing and viewing information is at the very tip of our fingers. Any question can be answered! Any thought can be explored!

With this advent of network connectivity comes a shift in the paradigm. Organizations begin to look at their cyber presents as an asset, something to nurture, to care for.

This movement of mindsets looks to the very heart & soul of these machines, the software that breathes life into these fantastical contraptions. These magical creations that manipulate zeros and ones use any one of a hundred languages derived from the human imagination.

Protecting these masterpieces is of the utmost importance. Cyber mitigation strategies require an outside-the-box approach, as cybercriminals exploit new technologies for financial gain

Emerging Artificial intelligence technology poses a unique challenge. AI, has exceeded the expectations of developers. It has become easily accessible to the general public, broadening attack vectors and creating a complex threat map. Threat Map Analysis, widely used to track and catch thereat actors, has become an arduous song and dance, unweaving a ball of yarn one strand at a time.

The very crafting of malware has become an art, like a magician misdirecting its prey. Obfuscation techniques and polymorphic code have changed the way a carrier and payload make it to the target machine. Mitigating Anti-Virus solutions require dynamic payloads and redundant dependencies to ensure denotation.

Geopolitical tensions have only added fuel to the fire. Advanced Persistent Threat actors(APT) are heavily funded organizations that participate in a "garden variety" of cybercriminal activities. These cells, are usually funded by a nation-state or a powerful organization.

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