Security is Everyone's Job

APT 22

APT 22 is one of the names given to a group of cyber attackers that are believed to be sponsored by the Chinese government.

They are also known as Zirconium, Hurricane Panda, or Axiom.

They have been active since at least 2009 and have targeted various sectors and organizations, such as aerospace, defense, energy, healthcare, media, and human rights groups.

APT 22 is considered to be a sophisticated and persistent threat actor that poses a significant challenge to the cyber security community. They have demonstrated a high level of technical skill, operational security, and adaptability in their attacks.

They have also shown a keen interest in exploiting zero-day vulnerabilities and using novel techniques to evade detection and attribution.

To defend against APT 22 and other similar groups, it is essential to have a robust and layered security posture, as well as a proactive and collaborative approach to threat intelligence and incident response.