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APT 40

APT 40 is believed to be a state-sponsored actor that operates in support of China’s naval modernization effort and its Belt and Road Initiative.

The group has targeted governmental organizations, companies, and universities in various industries, especially those related to maritime technologies, engineering, transportation, and defense


Attack methods

APT 40 uses a variety of methods and tools to conduct its cyber operations, such as malware, zero-days, phishing, backdoors, RATs, and keylogging

The group has also used front companies, such as Hainan Xiandun Technology Development Company, to hide its activities


APT 40 is also known by other names, such as BRONZE MOHAWK, FEVERDREAM, G0065, Gadolinium, GreenCrash, Hellsing, Kryptonite Panda, Leviathan, MUDCARP, Periscope, Temp.Periscope, and Temp.Jumpe