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Criminal Record Check

Criminal record lookup services are ways of accessing the criminal history of a person for various purposes, such as employment, housing, travel, or security.

Depending on the country, these services may be provided by the government, private companies, or non-governmental organizations.

The laws that regulate these services vary from country to country, and may depend on factors such as the type and severity of the crime, the time elapsed since the conviction, the age of the offender, the consent of the person, and the intended use of the information.

Global Vs. Domestic

Some countries have more strict laws than others regarding the access and disclosure of criminal records.

For example, in Canada, a criminal record check can be requested by anyone with the consent of the person, and it may include all criminal convictions that have not been pardoned, as well as some non-conviction information.

In contrast, in the United Kingdom, a criminal record check can only be requested by certain employers or organizations for specific roles, and it may exclude some minor or old convictions, depending on the level of the check .

In some countries, such as France, Germany, and Japan, criminal records are not public and can only be accessed by the person themselves or by authorized authorities.

What is Public Domain & What is not.

There is no definitive list of countries that support criminal record lookup services as being public domain, as the definition of public domain may vary depending on the context and the source of information.

However, some countries that have relatively open and accessible criminal record lookup services include the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa .

These countries allow individuals, employers, and organizations to request criminal record checks from various sources, such as government agencies, online databases, or third-party providers, with varying degrees of detail and accuracy.


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