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Swift is a general-purpose, compiled programming language that was created by Apple in 2014.

It is fast, modern, safe, and expressive

Swift is mainly used for native iOS and macOS development, but it can also run on other platforms such as Linux and Windows.

Swift is open source and has a large and supportive community of developers

Purpose & Design

Swift was designed to replace Objective-C, the older language that was used for Apple platforms since the 1980s.

Swift has many features that make it easier to read and write than Objective-C, such as inferred types, closures, generics, and optionals.

Swift also has better performance and memory management than Objective-C, and it can interoperate with existing Objective-C code and frameworks


iPhone and iPad app development: Swift is the most popular language for creating apps for iOS and iPadOS devices. Many popular apps such as LinkedIn, Lyft, and WordPress are written in Swift. Swift is also the preferred language for learning iOS development, as it has many resources and tutorials available

macOS desktop app development: Swift can also be used to create apps for Mac computers, using the same frameworks and tools as iOS development. Swift can take advantage of the features and capabilities of macOS, such as Touch Bar, Dark Mode, and SwiftUI

Server-side and web development: Swift is not only limited to Apple platforms, but it can also run on Linux servers and create web applications and APIs. Swift has several frameworks and libraries that support server-side development, such as Vapor, Kitura, and Perfect. Swift can also be used to create serverless functions on platforms like AWS Lambda

Other applications: Swift can also be used for other purposes, such as scripting, data analysis, machine learning, and IoT. Swift has a REPL (read-eval-print loop) that allows interactive coding and experimentation. Swift also has support for TensorFlow, a popular framework for machine learning. Swift can also interact with microcontrollers and sensors using projects like Swift for Arduino and SwiftyGPIO

Here is an example of Swift

				      print("Hello, World!")